Are you ready with your new tax year payroll patches?

legislative payroll patching

Christmas has come and gone, the New Year is well underway, and the end of the financial year is looming. This is an important time, with preparations for the start of the new tax year beginning on 6th April, when new payroll tax legislation comes into force.

That’s only 3 months away – have you received your Oracle or SAP software payroll patches yet? Will you have time to test thoroughly to meet the date and remain fully compliant?

Here at Support Revolution, we are busy developing our own payroll patches specific for all our customers. Our Research and Development teams have been working closely with HM Revenue & Customs, monitoring the proposed legislations that were to be announced, then confirming them following the November Autumn 2017 budget statement. Since November, our development teams have been building the payroll patches required for all versions of Oracle and SAP and these will be ready for release by the end of January 2018 – well in advance of vendor provided patches.

Did you know, that unlike vendor provided payroll patches, we do not provide a generic patch for all our customers and then release bug fixes once customers report issues. Our development is more bespoke and tailored for each organisations’ system configuration, reducing the likelihood of bugs needing to be raised. In the majority of cases, our teams develop on environments provided by our customers, rather than developing on a generic environment.

By providing bespoke patches to our customers by the end of January, allows them a full 2 months of testing, before the patches need to be applied to their production environments. Our payroll patching process is such that we work in partnership with our customers, delivering patches that work, and enabling ample time for user testing.

If you weren’t aware that you could receive payroll patches for unsupported Oracle and SAP software versions from alternative suppliers, then let us enlighten you. Contact us to find out how we could be providing you with quality patches at a fraction of the cost.

To find out more, download our Legislative Payroll Patching white paper.