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Planning timeline software migration

Our new Timeline Calculator will show you how long it will take to move to third-party support

One of the concerns organisations have when considering third-party support are the timelines to move across. The worry is that you hand in your notice to Oracle/SAP support but then don’t have enough time to complete the transition effectively – meaning the transition may be rushed, things may be missed, or potentially leaving you unsupported for a time!

Not only that, but there are a whole host of other things to consider too:

  • When is the deadline to serve notice/s to Oracle/SAP?
  • When is the right time to actually serve notice and start the start the transition?
  • When should we begin downloading backups of our patches and upgrades?
  • What are we legally entitled to download?
  • How long will the various parts of the onboarding process take and in what order?

These considerations are important not only to ensure that you are following your contractual obligations correctly, but also to ensure that your support service remains consistent, and that you can appropriately plan your time and people around the transition timeline.

At this point, moving from Oracle/SAP to a third-party might sound complex.

Luckily, Support Revolution customers do not have these problems thanks to our highly-rated onboarding processes, and now with our new Timeline Calculator tool, onboarding is now even simpler.

Fortunately, Support Revolution have a new tool to help with this process.

Mark Smith, Support Revolution CEO, introduces the Timeline Calculator

What is the Timeline Calculator?

Our Timeline Calculator tool can help you estimate the amount of time which would be necessary to transition from your current vendor to Support Revolution.

It does this by considering factors like; the type of software you’re migrating, what you do and don’t want to migrate, and the backups you require. Then, using this information, the tool provides a deadline for when the transition needs to start.

“We always strive to be as helpful as possible in our customer service and the Timeline Tool is another great example of this in action. Many organisations were coming to us with worries about the transition process and the uncertainties surrounding it. Now those uncertainties don’t exist.”

Kiran Gorajala, CIO at Support Revolution

Think of it like an executive version of a personal planner. You input all the software, licences, and versions that you want to migrate across to Support Revolution, and then we’ll provide the project timelines. You provide the data, we’ll identify the dates and any contingency. Simple.

Based on this information, you then know the project start date, the order and timelines of each action (like handing in notice to Oracle/SAP), and who is responsible for actions at each stage.

Why have we made this?

Like with everything we do, we’ve made this tool to better serve our customers.

In the first instance, you can use the Timeline Calculator along with our Savings Calculator to build a strong business case for third-party support in your organisation. The Savings Calculator will show you just how much you can save with Support Revolution, while the Timeline Calculator will show you the accurate timelines for the project so you can plan ahead.

Then, once you have confirmed that you are moving to Support Revolution, the Timeline Calculator acts as a project planner to remove all the uncertainty from the process of migrating from Oracle/SAP. You have a clearer idea of when it’s the right time to transition across, hand in your notice to your current vendor, and know who is doing what and when at every stage of the transition.

“Support Revolution were able to seamlessly integrate with our company and processes – working easily alongside our internal teams. The transition process was smooth and we have been delighted with the quality of service we have received.”

Tifco Hotel Group

Next steps:

We work with you to use the tool, so please use the button below to get in contact and we will help you identify all the information you need to proceed.