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Webinar Highlights: Understand your contract

Understand your contract with Oracle It’s so important to understand your contract, which is something so many organisations overlook. For example, there are different clauses for different customers, and Oracle regularly update their terms with large implications. Watch the video clip below to understand why you need to be aware of every implication of your Oracle agreement and also what

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Webinar Highlights: Is third-party support safe?

Is what vendors say about third-party support true and is third-party support safe? A concern we hear frequently from customers is that third-party support does not provide the same level of protection. This is a common misconception that vendors often rely on to keep customers trapped paying high maintenance fees. If you’re asking yourself “is third-party support safe?” Watch the

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Webinar Highlights: How do we patch ERP security issues?

Patching ERP security issues with Trend Micro We monitor critical patch updates, common vulnerabilities and exposure lists, and work with Trend Micro to create a fix. Fixes are released each week through virtual patching, rather than waiting months for a patch to be released through the traditional patching method used by vendors. Watch the video clip below to understand how

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Webinar Highlights: What is the virtual patching process?

Virtual patching with Trend Micro Whilst Oracle and SAP use the traditional patching method, we have partnered with Trend Micro to provide virtual patching. But how does this work? Watch the video clip below to understand how organisations are protected through virtual patching, and why it’s so effective. Watch the video highlight Watch the full webinar This is only one

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Webinar Highlights: Improving the traditional patching process

Four ways to improve the traditional patching process We help our customers to remain protected through virtual patching with Trend Micro. Additionally, we provide added protection against security threats. This includes things like hardening environments, edge protection, and automated detection. In this video clip, watch Senior Consultant Ben Banton explain how to improve the traditional patching process used by vendors.

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webinar highlights security patching

Webinar Highlights: How long does traditional patching take?

The traditional patching process Once a patch is released by the vendor, it often takes three to six months for these patches to be applied. This leaves organisations months out of date on their patching and vulnerabilities. Watch the video clip below to understand why the traditional patching process used by vendors takes so long. Watch the webinar highlight Watch

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Webinar Highlights: What is the traditional patching process?

What is traditional patching? A common question we hear is what is traditional patching and also, how does it work? This is the security patching technique used by Oracle and SAP, and relies on a vulnerability being identified. Customers will receive critical patch updates and then apply them to their own internal systems. In this video clip, Senior Consultant, Ben

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cloud migration case study

Webinar Highlights: Cloud migration case study

A persistent myth is that by moving to third-party support your technology and your organisation becomes static. There are no more upgrades, improvements, or innovations. However, this is untrue! Working with a third-party provider like us can often provide more flexibility, especially for add-ons and customisations. One example we often give is that we can enable “legacy” on-premise products to

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webinar upgrading erp

Webinar Highlights: To upgrade or not to upgrade

Are you tempted by Oracle or SAP’s latest version of ERP software? Does it feel like the right time to do an ERP upgrade? If not, what happens when Oracle/SAP demand that you upgrade anyway or risk losing support? We work with organisations to identify whether an ERP upgrade is in your best interests. If not, we support you no

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webinar highlights endless upgrade cycle

Webinar Highlights: The ERP upgrade cycle

What is the ERP upgrade cycle? Many organisations are trapped in a constant ERP upgrade cycle. You invest in software and pay to support it in the hopes of receiving high-quality support and frequent updates for your products. But the reality is that your vendor invests this support money into new products instead of supporting you. The vendor then forces

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