Which industries are investigating third-party support?

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on organisations worldwide, and some industries have been affected more than others. Victoria Molloy, CCO of Support Revolution, has been speaking to industry leaders who are prioritising cost-cutting exercises, like opting for third-party support.

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Manufacturing is an enormous industry that the economic effect of the pandemic has severely impacted. Victoria has discovered that suppliers of manufacturers and the manufacturers themselves are seeking the benefits of third-party support.


The lack of travel has caused the automotive industry to grind to a halt, which in turn has also impacted the manufacturers who supply these organisations. Aerospace is an industry segment that has naturally stopped almost entirely, but we have also seen a surprising number of organisations in the public transport industry approach us for third-party support in order to cut costs.


With the lockdown affecting shops, retail has also been hit incredibly hard. Some organisations have unfortunately closed operations.

The retail organisations which remain must prioritise cost-cutting exercises, in order to endure these difficult times. Our third-party support enables organisations to unlock crucial savings without making changes which may ultimately damage their business in the long run.

Central Government

Finally, Support Revolution has and continues to work with important divisions of central government. This includes the National Audit Office and the Ministry of Justice. Victoria has seen an enormous increase in enquiries from the public sector. Now more than ever, third-party support can help the government save vital funds. It can then also reinvest in its future development and services.

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