Webinar Highlights: Are ULAs simple and transparent?

From the outset, ULAs seem to be very simple and transparent – it’s unlimited for a fixed term and for a fixed fee – but that common belief can be dangerous.

In this webinar highlight featuring Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution, and Mark Bartrick, Negotiation Advisor at Forrester, we discuss how ULAs are more confusing than they initially seem and why you need to watch out.

As Mark Bartrick explains: on a conceptual level, ULAs seem very simple. On a contractual level however, it’s a lot more complicated.

You need to ensure you fully understand:

  • Your ULA contract
  • The licensing you’re entitled to
  • Your obligations in and after your term

And, because Oracle like to quietly change their contract terms, you need to track any and all changes that are made to various hyperlinks contained in your contract, and any other nuances that may occur throughout. Otherwise, it can very easily become a minefield.

The contracts are undoubtedly written in favour of Oracle, especially if there’s ever any dispute, and Oracle are increasingly going out of their way to make ULAs as confusing as possible whilst maintaining the façade of them being simple and transparent.

To avoid falling into this dangerous trap, you must monitor your ULA constantly throughout your term to ensure you’re compliant. And be very careful when it comes to certifying out of your ULA, following the advice of our hosts in this webinar highlight:

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This is only one topic that we cover in the full ULA webinar. To watch the full webinar, follow the link below.

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