Webinar Highlights: What is a ULA?

What is an Unlimited Licence Agreement?

In this webinar highlight, Mark Bartrick from Forrester and also Mark Smith from Support Revolution explain what a ULA (Unlimited Licence Agreement) actually is and what it can offer.

An Oracle ULA can be great for some clients and not quite so beneficial for others. If your organisation is growing at an unprecedented rate, and/or working on a multitude of different projects and you need a lot of products, Oracle will give you access to an agreed number of products for which you will have unlimited licences.

Oracle meets with the customer who wants a ULA. They agree on the number of products they need, and they also negotiate the capital investment.

But the term “unlimited” can be a little confusing. As Mark Bartrick explains, Oracle’s ULAs are usually limited in a number of ways:

  • Term of use – the agreement may be three or five years long
  • Number of products – you will not have unlimited access to all Oracle products
  • Usage – the agreement will clarify how you use the products
  • Geography – your location can limit this “unlimited” agreement too

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This is only one topic that we cover in the full ULA webinar. To watch the full webinar, follow the link below.

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