Webinar Highlights: Why do organisations choose ULAs?

There are some convincing reasons to enter a ULA with Oracle. In this webinar highlight, Mark Bartrick from Forrester and Mark Smith from Support Revolution discuss some of the reasons why organisations choose ULAs in the first place.

Unlimited usage

The ULA can present a tremendous advantage to scaling organisations, because of what it says on the tin: unlimited licences. For many organisations that are growing and changing rapidly, it can be very difficult to forecast how many licences they will need. ULAs resolve this problem.

Easier financial planning

ULAs present a clear, round number that tells Finance, IT, and all other relevant departments how much your databases are going to cost you over a set period. This means that there are no troughs or spikes. Also, the CFO isn’t having to constantly approve extra licences as and when they’re needed.


Organisations that grow and change rapidly usually find themselves in a mess of contractual obligations with Oracle, due to various purchases over the years. Oracle’s ULAs offer much simpler billing and administration, bundling everything together under one agreement and one bill.

Lower risk of audit

Since you have access to an unlimited number of licences, you’re less likely to have anyone from Oracle asking you about the number of licences you’re using. This isn’t always the case, but a ULA can potentially lower your risk of an audit from Oracle.

Compelling business case

As you would expect, Oracle makes a compelling business case on sign-up. For example, if you agree a price for 50 CPUs and end up using over 150, you don’t have to pay anything extra. This looks like a great deal, which is why some organisations are so eager to sign up.

Oracle IT strategy

Finally, organisations may choose ULAs because you’re following an “Oracle first” IT strategy. This isn’t as common these days, but historically, a company’s IT strategy would be centred around the chosen brand like Oracle or Microsoft. In this case, it made sense to essentially “buy the farm” as your IT strategy dictated that you would use a purely Oracle-based setup.

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This is only one topic that we cover in the full ULA webinar. To watch the full webinar, follow the link below.

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