Webinar Highlights: How to certify out of a ULA

How should you certify out of a ULA

In this webinar Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution, and Mark Bartrick, Negotiation Advisor from Forrester discuss the best practices around certifying out of a ULA and – most importantly – why you should.

Start Early

Probably the most important tip when it comes to certifying out of a ULA is to start early. There is a lot of confusion around the amount of notice you have to give Oracle – whether that’s 30 days before or after the renewal – but there’s nothing stopping you from handing in your notice 12 months early. This gives you time to amend your certification if challenged by Oracle.

In the webinar, Mark Bartrick really stresses the importance of starting early. In his experience of providing expert knowledge for customers stuck in the Oracle ULA prison, customers tend to leave it too late and end up renewing the ULA. They’re then trapped for another three years. As he puts it, “it’s a very expensive roll of the dice.”


To ensure you’re 100% compliant, identify all the line items on your Oracle agreement and map them onto your estate. There are so many nuances in regard to the Cloud so be meticulous with your self-audit.

Mark Smith and Mark Bartrick both advise on being highly diligent about what licences you’re using and how you’re using them.

Seek Advice

Because the above can be so hard, it’s important to seek advice. There are experts in contract and licence terminology and all the subtleties within. Without an expert, it becomes very easy for an Oracle sales representative to mislead you with things like their “matching service level” policy for example and convince you to remain trapped with the ULA.

Why bother certifying out of a ULA to begin with?

First of all – and most importantly – you can expect MASSIVE cost savings. In the volatile climate we’re currently all in, this kind of cost-saving has become essential. With third-party support like the kind offered by Support Revolution, you can expect to save between 50-90% on your support bill.

Third-party support will give you everything you get from Oracle – arguably, more – without being locked in. You regain control, slash costs, and receive better support for your software. You can avoid arguing with Oracle every three years as well and you’ve escaped the ULA prison.

As Mark Bartrick adds, “it gives you choice. If you’re looking to save money, regain flexibility, and do what you want to do with your money, then you need to get out of your ULA and give yourself choices.”

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