Webinar: How to better defend your Oracle and SAP ERP software

Webinar: How to better defend your Oracle and SAP ERP software

Both Oracle and SAP regularly push security updates/fixes for their products, often fixing multiple vulnerabilities at once. This used to be considered best practice, and was sufficient for most organisations. 
But now organisations are faced with more than just this method of security. What if you could prevent security vulnerabilities, rather than waiting for exploits to be found? Surely a proactive approach would be a better solution?
Why watch this webinar? 
Join our Senior Consultant and in-house security expert - Ben Banton - in a webinar that will take you through improving your organisation's ERP security.
We cover:
  • Traditional vs virtual patching
  • The problems associated with each method in detail
  • The options available for ensuring the security of your organisation
This is a must-watch for anyone fed up with the out-of-date patching methods used by Oracle and SAP, or anyone considering switching to third-party support.

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