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Webinar: What do you do when Oracle/SAP stops providing security patches?

Whether you’re fed up of waiting months for a security patch, annoyed at the slow process of applying them, or worried that your software is now out of date and the vendor does not even provide security patches anymore – this webinar is for you!

Why watch this webinar?

Join our Senior Consultant and in-house security expert, Ben Banton, in a webinar that will take you through how we provide our customers with security patches in hours (not months). We support all versions of Oracle and SAP’s products, whether or not the vendor is still providing official patches.

We cover:

  • Traditional vs virtual patching
  • The problems associated with each method in detail
  • The options available for ensuring the security of your organisation – even after official support has ceased

This is a must-watch for anyone fed up with the out-of-date patching methods used by Oracle and SAP, or anyone considering switching to third-party support to continue getting security patches on older products.

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