Webinar: Building your SAP ERP strategy in the age of Cloud

Is your organisation looking to construct a reliable, secure and cost-effective ERP strategy for your SAP estate? Is it one that will support your organisation past the SAP S/4HANA deadline?

You’re looking at a move to Cloud, even if it is definitely not a cost-effective solution for you. Given the transition could take years, would you say it’s a reliable and secure solution for your business?

Why watch this webinar?

In this webinar, our Technology and Innovations Manager, Ken Metcalfe, discusses the SAP S/4HANA deadline and what it means for you.
  • Where the S/4HANA deadline came from and why
  • What SAP’s customers are doing about it
  • What your options are in the age of Cloud
This is a must-watch for anyone fed up with upgrade pressure from SAP, and considering migrating to third-party support.

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