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SLAs: Are Oracle and SAP letting you down?

15th February 2019

We think you are getting a raw deal on SLAs.

Service level agreements (SLAs) are often used between two separate organisations – or between two divisions within the same organisation – to mutually agree on how those two parties will work together. But large organisations often take advantage of this ‘mutual agreement’, enforcing misleading SLAs that sew distrust across the whole industry.

How to take a payment holiday from SAP

17th January 2019

Many SAP customers unthinkingly line up to renew their support contracts each year, but what if you could save 50% each year with an SAP holiday? If you are an SAP customer, it’s likely that you may be paying up to 22% of your license fees to support and maintain your databases and software.

How to give notice to Oracle

26th September 2018

If, like many customers, you are thinking about moving away from Oracle support, you need to know that Oracle has recently made changes to its contracts to make it harder for you to leave. But don’t worry, we’ve written the following free white paper to let you know what these changes are and how to leave Oracle support successfully.


8th August 2018

Many customers have questions about how our Oracle & SAP software support and maintenance service works. This document outlines the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and provides answers to these.

Considering moving away from Oracle support? How would your business be affected

24th April 2018

Organisations are seriously questioning paying up to 22% of their license fee to Oracle each year for supporting and maintaining their mature and stable ERP platforms. It is a popular misconception that vendor support is mandatory. Your support agreement is optional and can be placed elsewhere and at any time. More and more organisations are looking at third-party support options and wanting to find out more about what it might entail.

Moving away from Oracle support understandably has its consequences and it’s important to understand what these are. Download the whitepaper to find out how third-party support could affect your business.

Considering moving away from SAP for software support? Find out what it really means for your business

12th April 2018

Organisations have invested a lot of time and money over the years implementing and stabilising their SAP systems. Although SAP software is relatively mature and reliable now, the vendor is still charging high fees to support and maintain it – between 17% and 22% of your license fees every year for support and maintenance – is a substantial percentage of SAP cost of ownership.

ERP Security Solutions – Traditional Patching versus Virtual Patching

29th January 2018

Oracle and SAP regularly provide security patches for their current product versions to protect their customers from new security vulnerabilities as they arise. In the past, this approach was “best practice” but largely because it was the only choice.

Payroll Legislative Patching – how we supply payroll patches and updates

9th January 2018

If legislative payroll patching is causing you a headache, did you know there is an alternative to vendor supplied patches? This white paper provides background information and alternative options to keep your organisation fully compliant.

SAP S/4 HANA & 2025: What Should Your Strategy Be?

8th November 2017

SAP has announced that all of its customers will need to move from their current version of SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4 Hana by 2025.  This Whitepaper covers what your options are, and discusses the pro’s and con’s of each in detail.

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