How to give notice to Oracle

26th September 2018

If, like many customers, you are thinking about moving away from Oracle support, you need to know that Oracle has recently made changes to its contracts to make it harder for you to leave. But don’t worry, we’ve written the following free white paper to let you know what these changes are and how to leave Oracle support successfully.

How to give notice to Oracle white paperOracle has changed its policies

The major changes Oracle has introduced are:

  1. An “auto-renewal” policy, so your Oracle support contracts will now automatically renew unless you take steps to stop this,
  2. A “matching service levels” policy implying that customers have to have all of their Oracle software supported by Oracle (which is not true); and,
  3. Restricting the number of files you can download per day, which can add significant time to the process of leaving if you are planning on downloading software you are entitled to before leaving.

Read this white paper if you are planning on giving notice to Oracle

“Some customers get confused by the “Matching Service Levels” policy and think that they cannot cancel any of their Oracle licenses for any of their systems or else Oracle will not support them. This of course is not true. All that the policy means is that if for example you are using an Oracle database for one of your systems and want it supported by Oracle, then that database and any other software you use on that system (for example, database options like Partitioning or RAC), must be supported at the same level (Premier, Extended or Sustaining) with Oracle.”

Our white paper will demystify Oracle’s recent changes and help you understand what these changes mean for you – helping answer your questions on how they impact your decision to move away from Oracle.

Click here to download the full white paper

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