Third-party support

Typically, Oracle and SAP calculate an organisation’s support fees by charging 22% of their its licence fees. That amount is then added to the licence fee and charged on a yearly basis. Many organisations consider their fees too high for the level of support they receive.  

Third-party support providers, like Support Revolution, understand the importance of offering a high-quality service at a reasonable cost. This is why we offer a better level of supportand we typically save our customers between 50% and 90% of what they were paying. 

There are a few third-party support providers out there, so once your organisation has (wisely) chosen to move to third-party support, the next question is: why choose Support Revolution? 

upgrade cycle

Oracle and SAP provide software and then charge organisations to support it. Income from support fees supposedly funds the vendors’ support teams and innovations in existing products. The reality is the majority of profits fund the development of new products instead.  

Organisations pay support -> vendors use it to fund innovation -> new product gets released -> old product gradually gets less support -> organisations need to upgrade for mainstream support -> repeat. 

Your price increases, despite the amount of support diminishing. Eventually you can be deemed ‘out of support – but you are still paying support fees. That’s regardless of how stable your software is, and how few support tickets you raise. And on lower support tiers, the vendors may not resolve your incident(s) at all. At least, not unless you upgrade. 

The upgrade cycle is a relentless, endless process for Oracle and SAP customers. It’s one with unfavourable outcomes, whichever of these two options your organisation may choose. However, the alternative option is to break the cycle and instead move to third-party support. 

vendor traps

Oracle and SAP customers may already be aware of some of the ways the vendors effectively ‘trap’ their customers, such as the upgrade cycle. There’s also threats of a licence audit,. Unlimited Licence Agreements, and. Market Driven Support (and that’s just Oracle). 

The vendors’ traps differ in design, but ultimately yield similar results. The traps are meant to either move customers to the Cloud or software upgrade,; or pay more on support fees, while providing a reduced level of support service. Some traps, like Market Driven Support, can do both.  

In short, these tactics are used to get customers to pay even more, moving in line with the vendors’ plans, not yours. 

Much like breaking free from the upgrade cycle, moving to our third-party support can help lessen the impact of these traps, and even avoid some of them altogether. 


Our third-party support provides organisations a chance to make substantial savings, without having to compromise on the software and services on which it already relies 

When hearing that we can save customers at least 50% on their Oracle/SAP support bills, some may assume that we do this by providing a reduced service. 

Not so. In fact, we maintain that we can provide an enhanced level of service compared to the vendor, and still save your organisation a minimum of 50% (though last year, we saved our customers an average of 64% on their support bills). 

The money that we can save organisations can range from hundreds of thousands to millions every year; and all of it can be reinvested back into the business. We’re helping our customers invest in their own futures, while also providing a better service. 


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