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Can SAP's Deadlines Be Trusted?​

Short Answer: No.

You Only Have


To Make Your SAP Decision

Your SAP Renewal Deadline Looms

You can Ignore SAP’s deadlines by moving to third-party support and determining when, or if, you upgrade to S/4HANA. Make rushed and urgent decisions a thing of the past.

Moving to S/4HANA isn’t for everyone, and plenty of customers are confused — but you might be under pressure to upgrade, just to remain supported. This could cost your organisation an unnecessary fortune.

In fact, Gartner’s latest insights on the level of adoption for S/4HANA suggests you should “resist the temptation to cut the planning process short.”

Feeling Pressure to Move to SAP S/4HANA?

SAP Support is Ending: What Are
My Options?

Take Back Control of Your SAP Strategy

Avoid looming deadlines and pressure by moving your SAP estate to third-party support.

Switching to third-party support for your SAP systems will save you up to 90% on your current support bill. There are plenty of tools available to help you estimate your savings in third-party support.

Our recommended choice is to move away from SAP for software you are happy with.

Transitioning to third-party support is easier than you think. Find out how to make the switch seamlessly and avoid SAP’s upgrade deadlines.

Seamless SAP Transitions

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Get Improved SAP Support, for Less

Book a quick meeting with our SAP team to learn how you can get better support while saving up to 90% on your support bills.

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