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Support Revolution provides independent third-party support for your Oracle or SAP systems. Unlike the vendor we support all versions and customisations of Oracle and SAP enterprise software.

We provide our own in-house legislative and regulatory patches, effectively replacing your vendor in the support relationship. This enables our customers to achieve amazing cost savings whilst also improving the support quality using our SLA.

Learn more about third-party support from Gartner in their market guide below:

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We provide all of this for at least 50% less than what you’re paying currently. Unlike Oracle and SAP, we invest in supporting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Third-party support is software support provided by another party than the software vendor, such as Support Revolution.

Being compliant with Oracle / SAP licensing is something you should already be doing.  If you are, you will be compliant before you leave Oracle / SAP support and after you join Support Revolution.  You are simply choosing another partner to provide your support and maintenance instead of the manufacturer

Of course! Many of our customers do exactly this, to find out more contact us either via live chat or via the contact us page.

100%! We support any and all customisations for every Oracle & SAP product. With some customers having 10,000+ customisations we believe this is a necessity in a support relationship.

We regularly work alongside both first and second line support partners, if you have any questions about this or want to know if we have worked with your support partner before please get in touch!

We support all versions of Oracle and SAP enterprise software, regularly supporting versions as old as Oracle Database 8i or systems as new as Oracle Database 21c.

Unlike the vendor’s quarterly security patching at Support Revolution we believe patching should be far more regular. We provide immediate fixes for critical updates and weekly updates for day to day changes.

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We can help revitalise your IT budget entirely

Our customers for Oracle support or SAP support save 64% on average with Support Revolution