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Support deadlines

SAP deadline

Keep an eye on your Oracle/ SAP renewals

Generally speaking, SAP support agreements close December 31st and Oracle agreements end in May. To leave your support contract, and join our excellent service you must let the vendors know in advance.

SAP requires 90 days’ notice prior to your contract ending. Oracle asks for 30 days. Remember that the vendors favour automatically renewing contracts. You could be automatically enrolled for another 12 months (always with a newly increased price).

These countdowns represent the time until you need to give notice to your vendor, to avoid being automatically invoiced for another year.

Keep these dates in mind. They’ll come around sooner than you'd think.

Oracle deadline

Why choose third-party support?

Third-party support may seem quite new, but our industry has been around for roughly 20 years. And the reason we’re here is simple: we have risen to meet user demand. Organisations have grown tired of forced upgrades, slow responses, and substantial support bills from Oracle/SAP. They are, understandably, seeking a way to stop paying quite so much, and for quite so little service. 

Especially when you compare that with our support service: global 24/7 response, real SLAs, dedicated account managers, reporting, and experienced support staff that understand your business. We provide all of this for at least 50% less than what you’re paying currently. Unlike Oracle and SAP, we invest in supporting you. 

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