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What Is Third-Party Support?

Third-party support is software support and maintenance from a provider independent of the software’s creator.

Companies like Oracle and SAP supply software support and maintenance for their software products, which includes patches to fix bugs, a service desk for issue resolution and legislative patches to keep products in line with changes to the law. Independent providers like Support Revolution supply an almost identical third-party support service for a greatly reduced price for customers. 

Many organisations move to third-party support for three reasons:

  1. Cost: Third-party support is more affordable than the support offered by the original vendor.
  2. Expertise: Alternative vendor support providers like Support Revolution have a team of experts who are familiar with a wide range of Oracle and SAP systems, meaning they can troubleshoot and repair problems more quickly and easily.
  3. Flexibility: Third-party support providers in most cases can offer more flexible support options than the original vendor.

Included in Revolutionary Third-Party Support

Issue resolution

For incidents raised to Service Desk Team.

Patches and fixes

For Oracle and SAP.

Adaptable support

Support for any customisations you may have.

24-hour support

For urgent, Priority 1 issues.


Thousands of support documents to help your team identify and fix issues.

Support Portal

Available 24x7, with access to all incidents, service requests, change requests, information dashboards and more.

Strong SLA

With termination clauses if resolution time targets aren't met.

What can be supported?

Independent providers like Support Revolution can support owned, on-premises systems, or Oracle and SAP systems that are on a Cloud other than Oracle’s (like AWS, Azure, or Google).

Why move to Support Revolution?

Support legacy software with no desupport dates

Cut your support bill by at least 50%

Guarantee a resolution for your issues within an SLA

Tailored security patching using Trend Micro Deep Security

Reduce the risk of vendor licensing audits

Save money to invest into Digital Transformation

Plus, as a Support Revolution customer you will also get access to Additional Revolutionary Services.

Don't just take our word for it...

These and many more organisations make huge savings on their Oracle and SAP support costs.
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Interested in big savings?

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