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Revolutionary Security Managed Services

Improve your IT security when moving your Oracle and SAP systems to third-party support.

Our Revolutionary Security services greatly improve the security of your Oracle and SAP systems and even safeguard older versions that the manufacturers no longer protect. With Support Revolution, you’ll receive a more tailored security service designed around your organisation’s needs.

You can choose if you want Support Revolution to fully manage the security of your systems, or simply receive guidance and support as and when you need it.

Check out the three tiers of security managed services below and find the one that matches your needs.

Gold Security

For customers with their own in-house IT security team.

This service replaces the security updates and patches from the software vendor. After we’ve implemented Trend Micro Deep Security, you’ll learn how to administer and manage the software yourself with guidance from Support Revolution.

Diamond Security

For customers who want the highest levels of security but do not allow external access to their systems.

A proactive service where you’ll be alerted to suspected attacks and provided with recommendations on the actions to take. We’ll then support you until your systems are secured.

Platinum Security

For customers that want 'enterprise grade' security without having to manage and administer it.

You’ll receive the same level of security and monitoring as Diamond Security, but Support Revolution will manage all updates on your behalf, giving you time to focus on driving your organisation forwards.

All tiers come with regular security reporting

Once Trend Micro Deep Security has been implemented, you’ll receive regular Intrusion Prevention Reports and Recommendation Reports.

The Intrusion Prevention Report shows any attempted attacks on your systems while the Recommendation Report tells you which rules to apply via your Trend Micro console to keep you protected.

Any further questions?

Speak to our team today to ask how Trend Micro Deep Security can keep your Oracle and SAP systems secure.

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