Revolutionary Data Migration Services

When migrating to a new ERP system your thoughts will quickly turn to how you’ll extract data from your legacy application and load it into the new system.

Support Revolution offers customers additional assistance during this migration and cleansing process to free your teams from the workload burden and get your new ERP systems running with speed and efficiency.

Read below to find out how it works…

Data Cleansing

Before commencing the data migration process, it’s crucial to cleanse the data to ensure its quality and accuracy. Data cleansing involves identifying, correcting, and eliminating any errors, duplicates, or incomplete records. Properly cleansed data ensures integrity, accuracy, and reliability of the new system. It streamlines the data retrieval process by removing out-of-date or inaccurate information; this ensures your new ERP system is of the highest quality – and since you have clean data, the system will be faster as it is not searching through masses of redundant information to find the information you require.

Data Migration

The migration process is the perfect time to review your data so that only that which is required is loaded. During the data migration process, it is necessary to ensure that all customisations and system extensions in your existing ERP system are identified and their purpose and technology fingerprint are documented. This allows you to decide if they need to be replicated in your new ERP system. The “Support Revolution Customisation Analyser” tool will identify customisations made to your Oracle E-Business Suite system. This informs our team which customisations have been made, how often they are used, and when they were last required.

Get your new ERP system off to a flying start

Support Revolution will help you to extract data from your legacy applications and your new ERP supplier and then assist in the process of loading this into your new system. This frees up your team’s workloads so they can focus on other projects.

We provide the data in the format that they need, streamlining the extract, transform and load process.

This is done using a series of extraction routines that we have created over many projects completed over the past 25 years.

Your organisation can be sure that these tried and tested methods of data cleansing, extraction, and migration will load your new ERP system with the information it needs and provide a seamless move to get your users off to a flying start.

Ensure your ERP system gets off to a flying start?

Speak to our experts to find out how Support Revolution can help.

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