A History of Third-Party Support

Discover the history of our Oracle and SAP support services that have been helping organisations, like yours, for over 25 years.

Vendor support from Oracle and SAP can be a restrictive and costly service. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be being pressured into upgrades that you may neither want nor have the budget or skills in your teams to justify.

That’s where Support Revolution come in. For 25+ years we’ve been providing organisations across the globe with tailored Oracle and SAP support built for their needs, giving them back control of their software roadmap, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming upgrades, all while saving them at least 50%.

Here’s the story so far…

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What Is Independent Third-Party Support for Oracle and SAP?

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Victoria Molloy, discusses what third-party involves, and how your organisation can benefit.

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The Evolving Perception of Third-Party Support Over the Last 10 Years

Victoria covers the legality of third-party support, cost benefits to organisations, and how receiving recognition from Garter and the Crown Commercial Services gave the industry a boost.

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Why Support Revolution for your Oracle and SAP support?

So why us? There’s more to Support Revolution than guaranteeing to reduce your support costs by at least 50%. Lots, lots more…

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