Are you a third-party support sceptic?

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Scepticism is rooted in the unknown; that is, a lack of evidence or proof to authenticate a claim. Without definitive facts, figures, and possibly some visuals, a sceptic will continue to doubt anything that seems dubious, uncertain, or even too good to be true.

And that final preconception is perhaps why some organisations question the validity of moving to third-party support.

Sure, if we didn’t know for a fact that organisations can benefit from an improved quality of service AND make fantastic cost savings, we might also be a little sceptical of third-party support providers and their legitimacy.

So, would you consider yourself a third-party support sceptic?

If you are (or if you’re kind of sitting on the fence), we want to help solidify your beliefs in the expertise, benefits, and flexibility of third-party support as an invaluable alternative to vendor support.

“How are these savings even legal?”

Fact: third-party support is a completely legal alternative to vendor support, and last year we saved our customers an average of 64% on their annual support bills.

We can offer your organisation a better service for a much better price, guaranteeing savings of at least 50%. Yes, at least 50%.

So, whether you choose to reinvest these savings into innovation and development, or another area of the business that needs a little TLC, you’ll be investing in your organisation’s potential.

And, because we don’t have any sort of underlying upgrade agenda, you can reclaim your IT roadmap AND a huge amount of operating expenses. Really, we’re all about helping our customers safeguard their best interests and the future of their organisations, rather than the vendors’.

But maybe this all seems too good to be true and now you’re wondering if there’s some sort of catch to the service and savings?

Not only is third-party support deemed legal in the eyes of the courts, but we’re actually a Gartner recommended alternative to vendor support and, if you need further evidence, you can see here that Support Revolution is recognised by Governments.

Plus, Support Revolution is the only third-party support provider with a background as both an Oracle and SAP partner.

We have more than 23 years of experience in the industry, and have designed our services to be completely legal and above board. In fact, we’ve ensured that our services fill the (rather annoying) gaps between, and improve on, existing elements in the vendor’s own support.

And we regularly work with customers’ legal teams to help them successfully navigate vendor support agreements, including more complex issues like Oracle’s matching policy and ULAs.

We make certain that we are operating legally, and our support services ensure that your organisation is too. (You can read more about that, here.)

“Can I remain compliant without vendor support?”

Fact: your organisation can remain compliant with third-party support.

We know that there are often concerns regarding whether an organisation can remain compliant without vendor support. Of course, the mega-vendors are hardly going to tell you otherwise. That would mean starving their cash cow, wouldn’t it?

Depending on the industry, some organisations can go unsupported, but it’s probably not in the best interest of your organisation and not often a recommended course of action. Especially when there’s no such rule to say that vendor support is the only solution to remain supported.

But, if you’re still unsure how we can help your organisation remain compliant for a much nicer price, then keep reading.

For some countries, legislative changes occur annually; however, these changes can also be made necessary overnight as a result of a legal act or reform.

Like the vendors, we are able to provide legislative patches for your IT estate, but unlike the vendors we don’t adopt the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and, instead, create tailormade patches for each organisation’s individual estate.

In addition, we implement these patches much faster than the vendors because we tailor patches to our customers’ needs (rather than the vendor-favoured “one-size fits all” approach to patching), so you can be sure your system is compliant and secure, even in a time crunch.

“Will I be receiving a lesser service with third-party support?”

Fact: With third-party support you can expect a far greater quality of service.

And here’s why.

Support Revolution offers 24/7 support and works to two SLAs – that’s two more than most mega-vendors are willing to provide. Our SLAs are for a response and a resolution time, and could see your support ticket acknowledged within 15 minutes and resolved in as little as 2 hours.

Unlike Oracle, we don’t believe in self-help guides for critical fixes. What we do believe in is finding an effective resolution and getting it right the first time, so your organisation and its IT teams can focus on other matters within the business.

And if security is your concern? Well, we don’t compromise on that either. That’s why we use a globally renowned and market leading security solution, Trend Micro, to place a defensive fence around your systems.

We comply with the highest standards of security, uptime, and resilience, and our dedication to delivering an exceptional service has been affirmed by our ISO (9001 and 27001) accreditations. And because support and maintenance is at the heart of everything we do (it’s our forte), you won’t catch us prioritising product innovation or Cloud development.

But, if that’s not testament to the standard of our service delivery, then why not get a second (or third of fourth…) opinion from organisations in your industry and check out our Customers Page to see what they have to say about us

Scepticism is just a step towards the truth

It can be hard to move from the known to the unknown, especially when the mega-vendors like to perpetuate myths that call into question the authenticity of those challenging their monopolisation of the support market.

Like we said, third-party support is a Gartner recommended alternative to vendor support. And Support Revolution is continuing to prove to many organisations, including governing bodies and global blue-chip clients, that they made the right choice when they moved away from their vendor.

If you find yourself toing and froing between sticking with vendor support or twisting to a third-party support provider, you can always chat with us and we’ll be happy to ease any worries you might have.

Or, maybe you’re still looking for a little more clarity? If that’s the case, our blog detailing the difference between Oracle Support and third-party support might be just the read for you:

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