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Escape Oracle Managed Cloud Services in just four months

Are you an Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS) customer? If so, it’s likely that you’re complaining about how much you pay for the quality of service that you receive.

You will be happy to know that you are not alone.

We often talk to customers pulling their hair out over poor levels of service paired with overly high support costs.

One of the key challenges with OMCS is the lack of clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs). OMCS doesn’t supply monthly service reports showing progress against SLA targets. Your incidents do not get resolved quickly, or even resolved at all.

Many times, we hear that cases are closed with no resolution, or your team was sent a how-to guide with instructions.

Is this what you pay for?

Not only that, but there is no proactive support provided. Bugs, errors, and also performance issues are left for you to discover and fix on your own. Again, this is not something that you would expect, considering the amount that you’re paying.

Why do you stay with Oracle?

What do you do? Do you just carry on renewing every year because it’s easier? Customers feel compelled to stay chained to OMCS. We wanted to quickly cover some of the more common reasons, and also why you should break those chains.

  • We can’t move away from OMCS.
    Many organisations believe that they can’t escape Oracle Managed Cloud Services. This is what we hear from a growing number of customers who are joining Support Revolution. The fear of the unknown holds them back from choosing a more financially viable solution, which also provides an improved quality of service.
  • If we try to move from OMCS, Oracle will punish us.
    Customers feel that if they give notice to Oracle, the level of support they receive will suffer. Do you really want to stay with an organisation that treats you this way? Also, if you have already made the decision to move away to better support, is this really a problem?
  • It takes so long to move away from Oracle, it won’t be worth it.
    Some customers believe that they need six to nine months (or even more) to move away from Oracle, but this is false. The migration away from OMCS can be delivered within four months. We have proven this recently by migrating a major transport company away from OMCS to Amazon Web Services. Not only is its hosting services provided by us, but we now also provide third-party support and maintenance for all of its application and technology products.

Don’t be chained to Oracle

We work in partnership with our customers and agree on a transition plan at an early stage. We also work with OMCS to ensure that any data is transferred quickly, correctly, and fully. This way we can ensure that there is no loss in service to our customers.

We are able to migrate customers quickly. We have a defined approach and plan that can be repeated and has also been used with all of our Support Revolution customers.

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