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It’s Easier Than You Think to Move to Third-Party Support in 2024

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Moving away from Oracle and SAP to third-party support might be nerve-wracking and raise many questions.

The main concern for many organisations has always been the transition process from the vendor to Support Revolution. Understandably, there are worries that the process will be long, complicated, and time-consuming, offsetting the benefits provided by third-party support.

This is not the case. So, let’s break it down…

Six steps to transition to third-party support

Support Revolution treats each transition from Oracle, or SAP, as a unique journey (because it is!), making sure each customer’s project is mapped out and overseen by an experienced member of our team.

Our detailed migration approach for moving organisations to our support model includes:

  • identifying tasks to be carried out
  • the dedicated team members to carry out the required duties
  • and the timescales for each of these

But, because we recognise that each and every organisation will have a unique IT roadmap, as well as their own requirements, this tried and tested methodology is adjusted to accommodate the needs of each customer. We don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ (unlike some…).

So, what exactly does the journey to third-party support (and all its benefits!) look like?

We’ve stripped the process right back and broken it down into six straightforward steps for you to make your transition to third-party support as smooth as possible.

  1. First, we create a transition plan, with clear routes and a defined timeline.
  2. We identify your current version, and updates and any patches you might need and then create your patch archive.
  3. We review your open incidents and take over any ones which are not about to close.
  4. Establish access to your systems (we can work around this).
  5. Load all incidents onto our Service Desk system (RemedyForce), provide logins and training.
  6. Agree a formal go-live date and roll out the full support service.

An infographic showing how to transition to third-party support for Oracle and SAP

What is a patch archive?

It’s not uncommon for our customers to ask us if, and how, they’ll access vendor-provided patches if they choose to move to third-party support.

We recognise that this is an area of concern for many organisations and that’s why we thought we’d circle back to step 2 in our onboarding journey and elaborate.

The short answer is: we will download and create a ‘patch archive’ for our customers. A patch archive is a customer’s own copy of the patches the vendor has issued but which have not yet been applied to their systems.

The long answer involves our customers completing a questionnaire to gather information about their systems, including software and product versions.

Once we have this information, our expert team will help our customers select the best option for storing the patch archive, which can either be on your own network or in a Cloud environment, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The patch archive creation takes place throughout the entire onboarding process, and we will have regular workshops with your team to ensure a straightforward, seamless process.

What do you get when you move to Support Revolution?

What happens once your organisation flips the switch, allowing us to take over from Oracle or SAP?

Support Revolution upholds exceptional standards for the services we deliver to customers which are reflected in our ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO27001 (Information Security) accredited processes and underpinned by our response and resolution SLAs.

Our expertise covers customisations, configurations and mentoring as well as bespoke support for your own processes & systems, so your organisation can rely on us to deliver efficient, effective, and personalised services, with 24/7 support globally.

In addition, by helping our customers escape the vendor upgrade cycle and alleviating the pressure of de-support dates, Support Revolution helps organisations to reclaim their IT roadmaps, improve the ROI of their existing systems, and save a minimum of 50% on their annual support bills.

Have any questions about transitioning away from Oracle support? Get answers to your transition questions, and more, from the recording of our live webinar with Support Revolution CEO, Mark Smith, and Palisade Compliance CEO, Craig Guarente.

How can I transition?

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