Sick of tricks but no treats from Oracle/SAP?

What scares you as an Oracle/SAP customer? Is it the vendors’ endless pressures to make unwanted upgrades? Is it their ever-increasing support costs?

Halloween may only come once a year, but Oracle and SAP’s unnerving traps and tactics scare their customers all year round. But while they’ve got the tricks, we’ve got the treats.

The tricks and treats of Oracle/ SAP support

Trick: Oracle’s auto-renewals and rising support costs

Some stories are made scarier when you can’t see the monster. You know it’s there in the background, but by the time you notice it, it’s too late. Rather like Oracle’s automatically renewing contracts.

Since 2018, Oracle customers don’t renegotiate their support contract each year. Instead, they’re opted into an automatic renewal clause. Unless the customer opts out at least 30 days before the contract ends, they’re locked into Oracle Support for another year.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the auto-renewal clause comes with automatic price rises. There are no notifications, no chances for negotiation, just an additional 4% increase added to your bill. This is across the board too; customers on Oracle’s Extended Support tier have the 4% added to their existing 10% or 20% increases.

Treat: Save 50% on your support costs this year

Oracle customers can be forgiven for missing this trick (Oracle did announce the change, but in a very minimalistic way) but those that do risk losing more on support fees, every year. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it. If you did miss the trick, don’t miss this treat:

Oracle (and SAP) customers can switch to a third-party support provider, like Support Revolution, and we guarantee to reduce your vendor support costs by at least 50%. We can unlock a significant portion of your IT budget that could be reinvested back into the business, and you can be assured that there are no secret auto-renewals, and no hidden price rises.

Trick: Getting trapped in upgrade cycles

Imagine yourself caught in the middle of a maze with no idea where to go, and every time you reach the end you’re right back where you started.

Sound familiar? Customers caught in Oracle or SAP’s upgrade cycles know this nightmare. You upgrade to the latest version, continue receiving mainstream support, and carry on as normal – until the vendor releases the next version. Then the whole cycle begins again and again, costing you resources, effort, and budget, every time.

Treat: Avoid unwanted upgrades

Third-party support is your way out of that maze.

Switching to third-party support enables organisations to opt out of any unwanted Oracle or SAP software or database upgrades and sweat their existing assets for as long as they desire. It doesn’t matter how old it is, or whether the vendor still supports it – we will. 

You don’t have to upgrade in order to receive the support that you need. Instead, you get to keep functional, familiar systems in place and save at least 50% on support costs while you do.

Quality without compromise. It’s what we do.

Trick: Never ending support tickets

Often, fear comes from a feeling of powerlessness or helplessness. It is natural to feel tense and stressed when the situation is not within your control. For instance, how tense and stressed do you feel when you need to submit an incident report to Oracle or SAP? Especially when your incident reports can go unanswered for days and may not be solved for months.

System issues can have a substantial impact on business processes, depending on their severity, and can create quite demanding situations.

“In times like these, you’d like to expect a quick response and quick resolution, but that is rarely the case. From what we’ve seen, customers are often pointed towards do-it-yourself guides to fix the problem themselves, or simply told to upgrade their software.”

Kiran Gorajala, CIO, Support Revolution
Treat: Our dedicated SLAs

A delay in incident resolution can be a serious matter. Severe incidents can leave organisations unable to send invoices out to clients, or even pay the staff.

During these moments of tension, you need someone on your side. We are always available to help our customers, with services open 24/7 worldwide. System issues can arise at any time, so you need a guarantee that it can be managed at any time.

That’s also why we’ve committed to SLAs on both our response and resolution times. Our objective is to remove any ambiguity from our services, and accurately manage our customers’ expectations.

When you raise a system issue with us, you can relax, knowing that it will be fixed and when it will be fixed by.

There’s nothing to fear with third-party support

This Halloween, don’t settle for tricks when you can opt for treats. Switching to third-party support with Support Revolution means you can:

  • Start making huge savings on your Oracle/SAP support costs
  • Avoid software upgrades and sweat your existing assets
  • Work with a collaborative support partner

And much more. So if you’re considering moving away from Oracle or SAP Support and want to know more about why and how to do this, you can download our free, easy-to-use guides and start planning straight away:

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