How This UK Telecommunications Oraganisation Minimised Its Oracle Audit Risk While Saving Money on Its Support for a Migration Away From the Vendor

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This organisation supplies national terrestrial television and radio broadcasting services in the UK.

The Problem

They were over-licensed for a large number of their Oracle software products. This was particularly concerning given a license audit that they were expecting imminently

This audit was expected to cost them thousands and swallow up any remaining IT budget.

They also wanted to move away from Oracle over the next 5 years, so reducing their licensing usage would not only help them do this, but also remove their exposure to further audits, while saving them money on their licensing and support bills.

They would now need to find an Oracle support partner who could help them scale down their licensing estate and save them money on their support and maintenance while helping them navigate their complicated license contracts.

They also needed a partner who was not currently embroiled in litigation with Oracle, as this could impact the intrusiveness of their upcoming audit.

The Solution

They spoke to several third-party support providers about their circumstances and the need for a bespoke solution to their licensing issues

Support Revolution were the most engaging of the providers that they spoke to having taken the time to review their requirements and provide a solution that best fit their needs and future plans.

They also established flexibility as one of their key priorities moving forward to increase or reduce their spend on software as and when required.

After establishing these key requirements, it made even more sense to partner with Support Revolution as their Oracle Revolutionary Third Party-Support service allows organisations to determine which software they want supported, and for how long.

The Benefits

Working with Support Revolution, they managed to remove many Oracle software licenses that they no longer used, reducing their Oracle footprint, and limiting the vendor’s ability to charge them excessive fees from the upcoming audit

They were also now receiving support for all versions of the remaining software that they continued to run, including support for customisations.

Support Revolution also helped them navigate Oracle’s Matching Service Levels policy (that requires all licenses within a given license set to be supported under the same technical support service level) as they had contracts spread across the year that didn’t quite align within these strict parameters. 

And finally, having now chosen a previous Oracle partner with over 25 years’ experience working with Oracle software, they could now utilise Support Revolution’s extensive knowledge to help them on additional BAU projects and a database upgrade.

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