The Oracle vs. Rimini Street Lawsuit…

As most people in the IT industry have heard by now, Rimini Street, providers of software support and maintenance for Oracle and SAP, were taken to Court in the US over their business practices. Oracle were obviously wanting to vigorously defend their support service offering. At the end of the case, Rimini Street paid a total of $123.9 million in fines, legal fees and interest. But what does the Oracle vs. Rimini Street lawsuit mean for customers in the UK & Europe?

The good news is that the Court never actually ruled that ‘third-party support’ was illegal, or that that there was anything wrong with the services that organisations such as Support Revolution, Rimini Street and Spinnaker Support provide. What they ruled was that the way Rimini Street were delivering their service was illegal. According to the Rimini Street web site:

Detailed testimony and evidence provided by Oracle executives and witnesses in the 2015 trial confirmed that third-party support is lawful for Oracle licensees to purchase and use. The evidence presented at trial supported several important principles:

(a) Oracle licensees can choose not to renew their Oracle annual support;
(b) Oracle licensees can select, switch to, and use a third-party support provider or self-support instead of renewing and paying Oracle for annual support services;
(c) third parties like Rimini Street can legally offer third-party support options to Oracle licensees; and
(d) support services can be provided to clients on their site or utilizing a remote access connection.

Support Revolution agrees with Rimini Street on this, and that the principles apply equally to both Oracle and SAP software.

The difference with the Support Revolution approach is that we have examined all of the evidence in the Court case and designed our services to be completely legal and above board.

Another important thing to note is that Support Revolution encourages all Oracle and SAP customers to be appropriately licensed. Indeed, we are the only third-party support provider with a sister company that is both an Oracle and SAP partner (see for details). So, when a customer joins Support Revolution, they can buy more Oracle and SAP licenses so that they are appropriately licensed for their estate, and purchase any other Oracle or SAP products that are on their wish list.

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