How to give notice to Oracle

Cancelling Oracle Contract

If you are an Oracle customer, it’s likely that you may be paying a large amount to Oracle to maintain your databases and software. But is this really necessary?

  • What value are you currently getting from your Oracle support and maintenance?
  • When did the last Oracle software upgrade provide you with new value-adding functionality?
  • When was the last security patch delivered in a reasonable timeframe after a vulnerability was exposed?
  • When was the last time Oracle’s response on a support ticket was outstanding?

You deserve better.

Gartner has suggested that switching to a third-party for technical support and maintenance is one way of not only reducing costs but also of improving the quality of your support service. They predicted that up to 10% of enterprises will leverage a third-party for their on-premise ERP technical support and maintenance by 2020 to take advantage of the cost savings and improvements.

But beware of Oracle’s ‘Dirty Tricks’ when you try to leave

So if, like many customers, you are thinking about moving away from Oracle Support (whether because you want to take support in-house, or you’ve heard about the savings possible with 3rd party support), you need to know that Oracle has recently made changes to its contracts to make it harder for you to leave.

Oracle have introduced 3 changes (or as we like to call them, Dirty Tricks) to their policies to make it harder for you to leave:

  1. An “auto-renewal” policy, so your Oracle support contracts will now automatically renew unless you take steps to stop this,
  2. A “matching service levels” policy implying that customers have to have all of their Oracle software supported by Oracle (which is not true); and,
  3. Restricting the number of files you can download per day, which can add significant time to the process of leaving if you are planning on downloading software you are entitled to before leaving.

Read this white paper if you are planning on giving notice to Oracle within the next 12 months

This white paper will let you know what these changes are in more detail, how they could impact you, and the steps you need to take to leave Oracle successfully and potentially save between 50-90% on your support costs.

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