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4 Simple Steps You Must Take to Escape Your Oracle ULA Problem [2024 Updated]

An unlocked Padlock, free yourself from Oracle ULA problems

Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreements) may seem a good idea for development and simplicity, but in the long run, they have the potential to cause large-scale expensive problems.

That’s life in Oracle’s ULA prison; poor nourishment and very little room to move around.

It’s time to grab a spade and dig your own way out. These are the four simple steps you need to take to escape.

1. Certifying out

The process of ending a ULA is called ‘certification’ or ‘certifying out,’ which involves declaring to Oracle the amount of software you’re using.

You’ll need to count the units of software, write a letter signed by a C-level executive, and send these items to Oracle.

Most Oracle contracts say that you need to do this within 30 days of the ULA’s expiration.

2. Self-audit

Before you certify out, you must ensure that you are compliant and the information you are declaring is accurate. 

Your certification number shouldn’t be based on an estimate, as it runs the very high risk of noncompliance, and therefore the risk of Oracle imposing a fine.

Oracle may even use your noncompliance as its way of having you renew your  ULA in lieu of a fine.

In which circumstance, you’re effectively digging your way out of your cell, only to loop the tunnel back into prison again.

3. Plan ahead

With the importance of compliance in mind, if your Oracle ULA is due to renew/end, we recommend that you start your preparations as soon as you possibly can to avoid problems.

For example, let’s say your ULA is set to renew in May.

We’d suggest starting your certification process around November/December.

Start very early. Begin planning your asset management, your patch archive, and your licence count to ensure all your information is correct and ready.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing the certification after the ULA has ended. There is nothing in the contract to stop you providing your certification before the expiration date.

In fact, we recommend you provide your certification at least 30 days before the end date and ideally, much sooner.

The sooner you get your details to Oracle, the sooner you can be sure you’re compliant.

Getting your figures into Oracle early helps to ensure that you’re not caught short at the last minute and led towards another renewal or forced to pay support at exorbitant rates for another 12 months.

Remember – you do not need Oracle to agree to your certification. You send this information to them, and you have told them the date of your escape. That’s it.

4. Use resources at your disposal

Where you need to, seek guidance. External companies can be a huge help to manoeuvre your way out of ULA contracts.

Gartner provides several insights on the subject. Our experts at Support Revolution can also help guide you through the whole certification process to avoid Oracle ULA problems.

Oracle depends on its customers being unprepared or even wary of going against its audit and legal teams.

That’s why it’s vital that you build your own knowledge base. Make sure you have people on your side.

And finally, engage with these third parties sooner rather than later, to begin due diligence and be prepared.

Want to learn more from the Oracle licensing and support experts on how to escape your Oracle ULA? Watch our latest webinar with licensing specialists Palisade Compliance to find out how to free yourself and get back control of your Oracle roadmap.

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