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How we improve your Oracle Database ROI

In our recent series of customer case studies, we’ve outlined how we’ve helped different types of industries using an Oracle database – such as manufacturers and air travel. We drastically cut their IT costs, saving crucial budget during these difficult times, by moving them from Oracle/SAP Support to our third-party support model.

However, sometimes it’s not just about saving money but actively reinstating an existing system’s value for money. Plenty of organisations are paying the full price for their vendor support, despite raising only a few issues a year.

Vendor support fees create a high cost of ownership, but our third-party support can provide a much fairer price. Here’s how we helped one organisation in the banking industry significantly improve their Oracle Database ROI.

Are you overpaying for support that you don’t need?

For example, a banking organisation we have worked with is using “legacy” Oracle Databases so integral to their everyday operations that they can’t be upgraded. This is because any upgrade risks making the databases incompatible with older systems running on them.

It’s a common risk for users to consider: should I upgrade my Oracle Database?

In this case, the organisation had no plans to upgrade, which meant they were left dealing with Oracle’s continually rising support fees. Not just the typical 4% price increase, year on year. The organisation was on Oracle’s Extended support fees, which means they were being charged an additional 10% of their licence fees in the first year, 20% in the second year, 30% in the third year, and so on.

Yet despite this considerable cost of support, the organisation wasn’t receiving any legislative or security patches. Oracle expected the organisation to find bug fixes for older releases on their own.

This wasn’t an immediate issue to the organisation; they didn’t need security patching as they had no external-facing interfaces. But it still meant they were paying for support they weren’t using and overall, weren’t receiving an adequate return of investment.

No upgrades required

The organisation realised that by moving to Support Revolution, our third-party support could provide the necessary updates and patches for their Oracle Databases, all while massively cutting their support costs.

We achieved huge savings for the organisation and not just by migrating them away from Oracle’s Extended Support. We freed them from Oracle’s constant pressure to upgrade their systems.

No organisation requires an upgrade to access our support; we maintain existing systems while saving a considerable portion of their IT budget.

We successfully returned their Oracle database ROI and allowed them to reinvest these funds into other areas of the organisation.

Our value-added service started straight away. We performed a health check of the organisation’s estate, providing any necessary maintenance as part of our onboarding service. We like to understand the level of support that is required, then provide preventative fixes whilst keeping systems running smoothly.

Benefits of switching to third-party support

  • The organisation still uses their usual, familiar Oracle Databases to run the business. But now, they’re not overpaying for the right to use them.
  • Now free from Oracle’s costly upgrade schedule and saving more than 50% on their old support bill, the organisation’s databases are less of a priority. They can focus their team and savings on what’s essential to their business, leaving the support of their systems and providing patches to us.
  • The organisation has also gained access to our superior support through a dedicated account manager and SLAs – something they didn’t get with Oracle.

Realise better ROI on your Oracle software support

This international banking organisation is one example (of many!) of how we’ve helped our customers. You can find more examples of how we’ve assisted customers in various situations on our Customers page.

We can help you too by achieve incredible savings on support costs, and significantly improve your estate’s return of investment.

Contact us today to find out more.

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