A guide to leaving Oracle Support and saving 50%

You’ve decided that third-party support is right for your organisation, and now all you need to do is hand in your notice with Oracle. This guide will show you what steps your organisation should take if you are looking at giving notice to Oracle within the next 12 months.

We also show you in this guide how your organisation can save 50% on support for your Oracle software.

What's in this guide?

Beware the renewal

Beware of Oracle's automatic renewal policy that comes with automatic price rises. Find out what you need to do to avoid this.

Matching service levels

Oracle has a 'matching service levels' policy. It's not what Oracle sales reps tell you it is. Discover the extent of this policy in this guide.


Oracle also has restrictions on how many files you can download per day to make it harder for you to leave Oracle Support.

Don't put up with Oracle Support

If you are an Oracle customer, you’re probably paying Oracle a large amount to maintain your software. But is this really necessary?

When was the last time you received any new, value-adding functionality? When was the last time you received a security patch in a reasonable time? Did you receive it before the vulnerability was exposed? When did Oracle last provide support that exceeded your expectations?

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