How This Irish Hotel Operator Avoided An Unnecessary Upgrade and Saved Money by Moving to Support Revolution

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This organisation is a hospitality development and assets management company that owns, operates, and manages a portfolio of hotels.

The Problem

The organisation was being forced by Oracle to upgrade its applications or risk losing access to its support

The organisation was running Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 but was told by Oracle that this version was about to become unsupported and that the hotel group would have to upgrade. 

After doing an analysis and business case for the upgrade, they quickly realised that the time and resources required to upgrade were not worth the “improvements” that Oracle’s latest version could provide. 

While they had the internal resources to support its Oracle Applications/Databases, they weren’t enough to completely take over support without Oracle. 

They had to undertake an expensive (and unnecessary) upgrade to stay in support, or invest more resources into its internal team to maintain its current levels of support. 

Luckily, there was a third (party) option: Support Revolution.

The Solution

We moved them to our support services to ensure it could stay supported on its current version

We quickly understood how important this service was to them; not only did Oracle Financials manage its financial data, but all its Oracle Applications were the core systems for running its entire organisation. 

We worked with  them to understand its current setup and what it wanted to achieve – namely to remain on the current software version (with its customisations) in full support, optimise IT spend, and provide supplemental support to the in-house team. 

They transitioned to our services from Oracle over a three-month period. In this time, we took ownership of any open cases, created a patch archive of its Oracle estate, and introduced our teams to ensure a seamless working relationship. 

We took on their Oracle Financials support and instantly cut its support bill in half. They then used these savings to invest in its own organisation, but also to buy additional consultative and support services from us for its remaining Oracle estate.

The Benefits

Freedom from forced upgrades and price rises

They can now continue to run Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 for as long as it wishes, without regular price rises from Oracle or demands to upgrade.

Not only that, but it can continue running the customisations that make its systems fit its organisation. These customisations would have been recreated (or completely scrapped) with an Oracle upgrade.

Savings without compromises

The organisation receives an annual saving of 50% on its annual support and maintenance contract with Support Revolution – savings that have since been reinvested into the organisation.

But these savings do not mean that the organisation is receiving less support; they now have access to a dedicated account manager and support team, regular reporting, and real response and resolution SLAs (which is something that Oracle doesn’t provide).

A solid support partnership

They decided to work with us not only because we could maintain its current software version, but also because of our 20+ years of experience in the industry as an Oracle and SAP partner.

This experience was vital as it was important that we were able to provide a solid partnership with the in-house team we were supplementing – and that we were not just another faceless support team on the phone.

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