How This Firefighter Manufacturer Switched From a Broken Vendor Relationship to a Collaborative Support Partner With Support Revolution

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This organisation is a manufacturer of firefighting products, composed of two major business segments: security services and fire protection. Their vision statement is to be “the world’s number one provider of innovative solutions, protecting life, environment, and property.

The Problem

The organisation was becoming increasingly frustrated with Oracle’s sales tactics and diminishing support

This organisation was running a purely Oracle-based estate. The organisation used Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3 with modules including finance and purchasing; applications which were critical for the organisation to maintain its worldwide services. 

The organisation was running its applications on Oracle Database, hosted on-premise. Typically for the vendor, Oracle was trying to push them towards a Cloud solution instead, even though they had no need for it. 

In addition to Oracle’s pushy sales tactics, the organisation was frustrated by Oracle gradually de-supporting its existing systems, and no longer processing incident reports, even though the organisation was still paying for the vendor’s support. 

Overall, they felt as though the organisation was being sold to, rather than being managed as a valued customer.

The Solution

We provided support and incident resolution on products when Oracle ignored its customer’s needs, and helped them avoid the vendor’s pushy sales tactics

They wanted to build a better relationship with a new support provider, with an additional objective of saving money on its annual support contract. 

When they decided to optimise its support service, we were already on the radar as a potential alternative. They recognised our 22+ years of service in the support industry, and our history of working with the vendor, rather than actively against it.  They knew we could provide the support and service it needed. 

Unlike Oracle, we could provide comprehensive support for their system in its existing state and remove the need for a Cloud solution altogether. We could also provide incident resolution, in line with our stringent SLAs, and the value-adding service of our experience in consultancy. We also reduced their previous support costs by 50%, helping to achieve its objective of finding a dedicated support partner while saving budget.

The Benefits

An ongoing collaborative partnership

The organisation has left Oracle Support and switched to Support Revolution – a support provider that will work with its teams, and that cares about organisation’s being able to achieve their objectives. We’ve worked closely with them to provide the support it needs, while significantly lowering its support costs, which was precisely the outcome it was after.

Freedom from forced Cloud upgrades

They had invested heavily in its systems, and it was therefore imperative that the organisation sweat its existing assets and maintained its value, made more difficult by Oracle’s effort to move them to the Cloud. 

Their investments to date have worth; by moving to the Cloud and starting fresh, it would come at the cost of the time and money put into its systems up until that point.

 Whereas, with Support Revolution, the organisation is under no pressure to make any upgrades whatsoever, and we will support its on-premise software indefinitely.  The organisation has extended the lifespan of its software, and improved its value immensely.

Comprehensive support

By switching to Support Revolution, they gained access to our 24/7 services, with dedicated account managers and support team. The organisation knows when to expect responses and resolutions thanks to our fastidious SLAs, and it can rely on our transparent, on-demand reporting tools.

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

Since switching to Support Revolution, we have reduced their previous support costs by 50%. The fantastic savings have been reinvested back into the organisation and the improvement of its services.  

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