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How This Middle Eastern Government Body Cut Its Oracle Costs To Put Public Funds to Better Use

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Middle East

This organisation is an independent public body that builds and initialises performance measurement processes in public entities.

The Problem

This organisation was in an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) with Oracle. After a price increase of 8% on the cost of supporting their systems, their relationship with the vendor started to breakdown and they struggled to justify the increase.

As a result, they did not renew their Oracle support and allowed the contract to lapse meaning their systems would go unsupported should an issue arise during that time. 

They also previously had several issues rejected by Oracle owing to these being related to customised code, which Oracle does not support. On top of the 8% price increase, they could no longer justify paying yet more money to Oracle for less support. 

As a publicly funded organisation, value for money was a key factor in their decision to move to third-party support owing to the exceptional return on investment they’d now be getting on their Oracle support. What’s more, they were also looking to reduce the size of their Oracle estate and therefore (and rightly so) did not want to pay support for licenses they no longer used – something Oracle would continue to charge them for had they stayed with the vendor.

The Implication

Had they continued to remain unsupported, they ran the risk of any major incidents bringing their systems down with no one to call on for help

This could have meant critical systems becoming disrupted for customers and internal teams, causing a loss of revenue, delays to continuity, and possibly reputational damage.

They were also not receiving security updates while being unsupported meaning their Oracle systems would be vulnerable to attack and their data being at risk.

The Solution

Following a competitive tender process, they chose Support Revolution as their third-party support partner over the vendor and other third-party support providers

Thanks to Support Revolution’s long history of working with public sector organisation’s around the world, as well as previous experience as an Oracle Gold Partner for 21 years, they could be assured that their critical systems would be in experienced hands.

These factors made Support Revolution the obvious choice.

The Benefits

By moving their Oracle support to Support Revolution, they have now reduced the cost of their support for their Oracle systems drastically. They are also no longer paying support for licenses they no longer use

They have also now guaranteed that any issues with their Oracle estate will be resolved within an industry leading SLA to keep their systems up and running, secure and compliant.

They’ll also now receive fixes for customisations which they were not receiving from Oracle meaning their teams can now focus on delivering quality innovation to the organisation rather than getting sidetracked in keeping their systems up and running.

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