How This Airport Made Critical Savings on Its Annual Support Bills And Avoided Costly Upgrades

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This organisation flies millions of passengers to 230 destinations worldwide annually.

The Problem

This organisation needed to make critical savings to counter the economic impacts of the recent pandemic

In 2020, this airport’s passenger traffic fell by 50+%. Struggling with the lack of footfall as a result of travel restrictions, they had furloughed many of its staff and made redundancies, reducing its workforce by 20+%. 

The organisation needed to make critical savings quickly. With Oracle Database 11g moving into Sustaining Support and Oracle Database 12c seeing its Premier Support period coming to an end, they recognised that its Oracle support costs were going to continue increasing while the support levels were set to decline. 

Seeking external support, they contacted Gartner to help determine the most cost-effective option. Gartner suggested looking into third-party support which could significantly reduce its annual support costs. Having already made such a transition for its IBM software, they made the decision to do the same for its Oracle Databases and began exploring its options with third-party support providers.

The Solution

We transitioned them to our support, avoiding unnecessary upgrades and rising vendor support costs

The organisation considered its options for third-party support before opting to work with Support Revolution. The primary deciding factor was our guarantee to reduce its annual support bill by at least 50%. The organisation was further encouraged by our proven track record, as well as our reputation and expertise, which have been cultivated for more than two decades. 

Due to the nature of their operations, there was an inherent concern, should the organisation choose to move away from vendor support, regarding security. However, it deemed Support Revolution the ideal candidate due to our partnership with world-leading security solution, Trend Micro. Our approach to security is both robust and rapid, which proved critical for them.

 Using our third-party support meant that the organisation didn’t need to find the time and the resources necessary for the upcoming Oracle upgrade. Instead, the organisation has reduced its annual support costs and regained control of its IT roadmap. In addition, its internal resources have been freed up to allow the organisation to pursue its future endeavour of transitioning its SAP estate to third-party support, providing further cost savings.

The Benefits

Savings and quality without compromise

They had already been forced to take the difficult decision to reduce its workforce by 20+%. Making the move to Support Revolution – a premium support partner – has enabled them to achieve substantial savings and secure a much better quality of service. 

Savings to reinvest for business continuity

Their decision to transition to Support Revolution has enabled the organisation to save 60% on its annual support fees. These savings can be reinvested back into the organisation and its future technological development.

Freedom from forced upgrades

Right on cue, they needed to upgrade its Oracle Database in order to continue receiving Oracle’s Premier Support. The time and resources required to upgrade was out of the question. Our ability to cater for these older products meant that the organisation was able to benefit from significant savings on support costs and regain control over its IT roadmap.

A solid support partnership

The organisation has not had to compromise on the quality of the support it receives. We offer not one, but two SLAs: one against response times, and the other for resolution times. We oversee the incident process for them, so all of its support tickets will be handled by us as its dedicated support partner. This frees up its internal resources, meaning their workforce can focus on more important matters.

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