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How This Construction Organisation Saved Money on Support During a Merger and Rightsizing Process With the Help of Support Revolution

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This organisation is a large independent construction materials firm, operating from around 300 sites to produce cement, construction aggregates, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and other construction materials.

The Problem

They wanted to right-size its structure and cut costs following a merger

The organisation was using an on-premise version of SAP Applications to run its business, which was being supported by Edenhouse. In the mid 2010’s, they underwent a largescale merger with another construction-based organisation. While combining their assets, they decided to downscale its software estate by removing unnecessary SAP Applications. However, while the merger was happening they still needed its SAP products to be supported.

In addition, they wanted to cut costs wherever possible, which is understandable given the budget (and effort) necessary to complete the merging process. While the organisation still needed software support during this time, it wanted a way to receive the same support but for less money. And, considering they didn’t know how long the merger would take, it also needed its more affordable support model to last indefinitely.

In short, they wanted support on software it planned to remove, for an unknown length of time, at a reduced price. Third-party support was an option and potential solution to its problems, but it didn’t know which provider to choose.

The Solution

We removed their unnecessary SAP Applications and helped right-size its estate for 50% of its previous price

They ultimately came away from Oracle because it wanted to migrate to Amazon Web Services, and it also wanted to use third-party support to cut costs. For the latter, they chose Support Revolution. 

As part of our transition process, we conducted a review of their existing SAP estate. 

This allowed us to identify any possible shelf-ware or excess licensing that had accumulated over time, and then remove it. 

We helped right-size the estate so that they could pay a greatly reduced support cost on a setup that was more appropriate for its requirements. 

Once it was supported by us, they could reinvest what we had saved and focus purely on the merger, assured in the knowledge that we could support its systems indefinitely, until it was finished and comfortable. 

They didn’t know how long it would take to complete the merging process, but that didn’t matter. We can support all versions of SAP (and Oracle) software, even if the vendors no longer support it.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

They have achieved an annual saving of 50% per year on its annual support and maintenance contract with Support Revolution. These fantastic savings can be reinvested back into key areas of the organisation, putting it in a far more secure position for its ongoing development.

Enabling flexibility

By switching to our third-party support, they effectively extended its SAP software’s lifespan indefinitely. We could support its current product versions for as long as the organisation needed. Even if they didn’t know how much time the merger required, we removed stress and time pressure from what was already an involved and intensive process.

An improved cost of ownership

With Support Revolution, they have achieved the outcome it was after. It has the ability to scale its SAP estate much more effectively, meaning it has systems more appropriately in line with business requirements. The organisation is now paying a fairer price and it’s only paying for what it needs, rather than SAP’s expensive rates for unnecessary software.

An evolving support partner

They used its support partner to transition its systems to AWS as part of its managed service. We have developed and expanded our available services and can now also move our customers’ systems onto our AWS Cloud. We can ensure no drop in service while saving on hosting fees.

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