How This UK Council Stayed Supported While Completing a Migration by Moving to Support Revolution

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The council manages council tax, business rates, planning applications, housing, waste collection, and environmental health.

The Problem

The council needed to deliver cost-saving initiatives without negatively affecting its public service

The council was using a combination of older, “legacy” Oracle and SAP products, hosting SAP’s Business Objects and Oracle E-Business Suite Applications on Oracle Databases.

Being part of the public sector, the council was under pressure to reduce its costs wherever possible, using methods that wouldn’t affect the integrity of its everyday services and processes. The council realised that it was spending significant amounts of its budget on Oracle and SAP. 

Because the vendors only provided minimal support for “legacy” products, the council was receiving very little return for the amount that it was paying. 

The council decided to move its ERP estate to an alternative provider, but it still needed to receive support while it completed the transition process, which its vendors weren’t going to provide.

The Solution

We supported the Council during its transition process and cut its support costs by 50%

They became aware of Support Revolution through an event we co-hosted. We could take over as its support provider and supply the security and stability it needed before embarking upon the transition process. 

We worked closely with their team to move them from Oracle and SAP’s support models as quickly as possible. Time was a pressing factor, as the sooner they had our support in place and could complete the transition to a new ERP provider, the sooner it could achieve its goal of reducing its costs.

 Before that process began, however, we were already helping them make huge savings on its support bills. We reduced its previous support bill by 50% each year, freeing up crucial budget which it could invest back into the migration project.

The Benefits

Efficient and tailored support

Their main concern was that it still wanted to receive support and patches as usual throughout its transition to keep its systems functioning and legally compliant.

Support Revolution provided support for software, even when the vendor no longer did. We also worked directly with them to fully understand its systems, allowing us to tailor our services to its existing setup.

Reclaimed autonomy over its systems  

By switching over to us, the council is free from its vendor’s restrictive contracts and can successfully ensure its IT roadmap suits its needs, not its vendors’. 

Support Revolution has provided the council with the flexibility to change its ERP provider to one that is more suitable for the organisation.

Improved vendor-customer relationship

Our third-party support has provided reassurance on products that the vendors have left unsupported. They no longer had to accept this business model. 

Instead, we have helped it to achieve an end goal that wouldn’t have been quite so easy to reach if it had stayed with Oracle and SAP.

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