How This UK Council Made Its Oracle Support Simpler and More Affordable With Support Revolution

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This council prides itself on having made its own special contribution to creating and maintaining a pleasant environment for its many residents.

The Problem

They wanted to streamline its support services and simplify its estate in order to cut costs

The council is running an Oracle-based ERP estate, and had no future plans to upgrade its system or migrate to another ERP solution. The council was happy to keep running on its current versions, maintaining an estate which it knew worked and was customised to its processes. 

However, typically for an organisation in the public sector, the council was expected to lower its costs wherever possible. It needed to implement a cost-cutting initiative across the council, without compromising on the integrity and stability of its service. They decided to focus on its operating expenses – specifically, its software support bills. 

It needed a means of streamlining its support services and reducing its maintenance fees in one move.

The Solution

Support Revolution took responsibility for their Oracle support and maintenance services, simplifying its support and reducing the price

The organisation was a longstanding customer of ours; originally, we were providing them with second-line support for its Oracle estate. 

When they decided to optimise its support service, we were already on its radar as a potential alternative. 

They recognised our 20+ years’ experience in the support industry as an Oracle partner, and knew we could provide the additional services it needed. 

It was a natural transition for the organisation to move software support from Oracle to us. The approach was to have one main supplier to support every aspect of its Oracle estate. 

Now all of their support needs are under one agreement. Switching to our third-party support helped save money, and it certainly sped up the issue resolution process.

The Benefits

Helping the organisation, helping the community

Since moving from Oracle support to us, we have been able to save them 50% compared to its previous support and maintenance bill. 

The organisation has been able to reinvest these savings, and in the long term it will better serve its employees and benefit the residents as well.

An improved support partnership

The organisation is paying less and getting more in return. By combining our managed services with our third-party support, the organisation has unlocked the best of both worlds. 

The council is saving on its previous support fees while achieving even more value. Whether it experiences second or third-line issues, with us it saves a lot of time by just having one supplier and not consulting Oracle. 

Support Revolution cares about its customers meeting their short and long-term goals. We appreciated that the organisation was seeking simplicity, and we always make every effort to ensure our support is simple to use and understand. We worked closely with them to ensure the transition process ran seamlessly, and during this process, we provided training for its team so they knew how to use our services.

Planning their future roadmap

The organisation is using its contract with us to better define its development strategy. For example, the Council has been utilising our consultancy background to explore migrating to the Cloud.

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