How This UK Council Saved Money And Didn’t Compromise Support Quality With Support Revolution

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The council provides the majority of local government services in the area, and it’s dedicated to supporting its residents and local community.

The Problem

They needed to cut costs but didn’t want its level of support to suffer as a result

The council was using Oracle E-Business Suite to manage many of its core services, including cash management, CRM, procurement, general ledger, and accounts payable & receivable. 

However, its product version’s end-of-support deadline was looming, and the council faced a difficult choice: upgrade its version of Oracle E-Business Suite in order to retain Oracle Support or look for support elsewhere.

At the same time though, the council was seeing significant cuts to its budgets and spending but had a duty to maintain its systems for its community. 

It became imperative that the council finds a way to make savings wherever it could while maintaining its systems and services. This was an objective that would be difficult to meet given Oracle’s upgrade demands.

The Solution

We supported them for a fraction of the cost before its vendor support expired

The council had become aware of third-party support providers and realised that this was the answer to its problems. 

The council followed its procurement process, investigating the options available and evaluating each against its criteria: great service for a reduced price. 

Support Revolution was chosen and given a tight timetable; we had ten weeks until the council’s official support ran out. We knew it was essential to get support in place before this deadline. 

We worked to transition them from Oracle as quickly as possible. Time was a pressing factor, but we ensured nothing was missed or overlooked thanks to our dedicated account managers and our efficient onboarding process. 

We also reviewed the council’s Oracle estate to identify any possible shelf-ware or excess licensing that had accumulated over time. By removing these, we helped to reduce its Oracle bills even further.

The Benefits

Cost saving and business improvements

Within three years of switching from Oracle Support, the council claims it saved £336,000 – a sum of £112,000 a year. These savings enabled them to invest in a significant transformation plan. It was able to create a more agile workforce, increase remote working, and undertake a migration to Windows 10 and Office 365 for all its users. 

In the long term, these reinvestments and improvements will better serve its employees and in turn, benefit the residents as well.

Seamless migration

The council’s end-of-support deadline had been ten weeks. We always treat a switch over to us as a mini-project, and accordingly, we created a clear transition plan with individual roles, responsibilities and a defined timeline. 

A transition over to us, on average, will take two to three months. We managed this transition within just four weeks. They described our process as “seamless,” with no real issues.

Superior support services

The council now has access to superior support through dedicated account managers and SLAs, which is something it didn’t get with Oracle. 

It also has improved security with our Cloud-based Trend Micro solution that enabled fast patching and security updates of its entire Oracle system.

A more flexible solution

The council can still use the same Oracle software that’s familiar, for a greatly reduced price coupled with our high-quality service.

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