How This UK Council Cut Its Oracle Support Costs and Kept All Its Software Compliant With Support Revolution

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This council provides public services such as tax and parking payments, waste management and local maintenance to an estimated population of 100,000+.

The Problem

The council needed to cut Oracle costs by avoiding upgrades but still needed legislative patching

This council was running Oracle E-Business Suite and Applications on Oracle Databases.

Being part of the public sector, it was expected to find ways of cutting costs wherever possible without compromising on the quality of its services. The council, therefore, decided that it could save money on its Oracle costs by not upgrading its E-Business Suite from R12.1.3 to R12.2.

Avoiding this upgrade meant that the council wouldn’t have to lose the time and funds necessary to complete the upgrade process. However, they were aware that by not performing the upgrade, it would lose Oracle’s Premier Support. They still needed to receive legislative payroll patches to ensure its systems remained compliant, and by declining the upgrade, 

it would miss out on these necessary updates.

To keep its systems compliant and reach its objective to save money, the council needed to find an alternative solution.

The Solution

We supplied their support and maintenance, including necessary legislative patches tailored to its software

Inspired by our marketing emails, they realised that we could provide the service it needed. Not only could we provide third-party support for its Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3, but we could also supply the legislative patches that it required.

Working closely with their team during the transition, we provided training on our processes while we got to know their established setup. The council wanted a support partner who could provide third-party support and managed services, so familiarising ourselves during the transition meant we could provide the service they wanted, straight away. 

Our dedication to understanding the council’s software also meant that when we needed to provide legislative patches, they were tailormade to its particular systems. 

Unlike their previous experiences of vendor patches which typically follow a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, our patching is very specific to suit their particular product versions, considering any customisations it has in place.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

Our standard third-party support service aims to cut any organisation’s support costs by at least 50%. For the council, this unlocked savings of £100k a year across a three-year contract. 

Through making these savings, the council has reinvested its budget elsewhere in the organisation, greatly benefiting both its staff and its local population.

Freedom from forced upgrades

They can continue to run Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 for as long as it wishes, without regular price rises from Oracle. It had already made the strategic decision not to upgrade, and now it’s supported by us, they no longer feel the pressure from Oracle to upgrade.

Support from a local partner

Support Revolution is unique in being the only European-based third-party support organisation for Oracle and SAP. It means that we’re equipped with local knowledge and local teams, security-cleared to the highest level. This suited their requirements perfectly.

A value-adding service 

Third-party support is only one element of what we can offer organisations. In addition to cutting costs, we also provided the council with managed services.

These services are our way of maximising the potential of its Oracle software without changing the product version, and therefore improving their existing software’s value for money.

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