How This UK Council Resolved Their Support and Hosting Issues

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This council was established in the mid 20th century and serves a population of over 1 million people.

The Problem

They were in a predicament as they were losing a key SAP employee who was heavily influential in the day-to-day running of their SAP estate

On top of this, their Support Partner had informed them that they were terminating their contract at the same time, a major cause for concern as the partner looked after their hosting and infrastructure of the SAP estate.

With a matter of weeks to find a solution, and very little time to transition, they were in a sticky situation with high pressure to get the support resolved.  

They were facing the sudden loss of their support and hosting partner meaning that the day to day running of their SAP estate and the infrastructure it’s hosted in would fall on their own, already stretched, team. 

This ran the risk of incurring significant additional costs, not being able to address issues in a timely manner and having to divert internal resources from other duties. 

The Solution

Support Revolution, with its experience as an SAP partner were able to not only take on and transition the support in a matter of days, but were able to guide and be flexible to help accommodate their needs

The organisation have plans to take on more staff and take back certain elements of support from Support Revolution in the coming years as well, but now have the peace of mind that they are supported until that time. Working with Support Revolution gives them the time they need to plan and execute their IT strategy, safe in the knowledge that all of their support and hosting needs are taken care of. 

The Benefits

The council has been able to successfully support their application hosting and infrastructure in a short amount of time with the help of a new partner

This has enabled them to continue their transformation programme and save thousands on support. Additionally, they have gained a partner who will help streamline and maintain their SAP estate, providing them with the confidence that they will be able to provide a quality service to their users in the future. Overall, the council has benefited greatly from this new partnership – and reduced their costs while doing so.  

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