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Why This UK Governmental Body Chose Support Revolution to Maintain Its Applications and Databases

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This organisation is responsible for auditing central government departments, government agencies, and non-departmental public bodies.

The Problem

The organisation was about to lose  Oracle Support on its essential payroll systems but didn’t want to upgrade as it was planning  on transitioning to a new system

The organisation was running Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 which was about to be de-supported by Oracle. These systems were vital for its organisation as they managed its payroll entirely and needed to be maintained and supported. 

The problem was that the organisation was also planning to transition this application to a new system – Financialforce – so did not want the added expense of an unnecessary upgrade. As well as this, the organisation was running several other Oracle applications and databases which were being supported by its IT partner PwC. 

They had to undertake an expensive (and unnecessary) upgrade to stay in support, or risk leaving its essential payroll systems unsupported for the duration of its transition project to Financialforce. 

Luckily, it had a third (party) option: Support Revolution.

The Solution

We supported their payroll systems, then its Oracle Databases, before supporting its migration project to Financialforce

They chose to work with Support Revolution based on our track record of success with various financial sector customers and other respected central government organisations. 

Our focus on providing quality support and our ITIL and ISO 9001-based processes also made Support Revolution a clear choice for the organisation.

After its procurement process, they contracted Support Revolution in February 2015. 

We quickly transitioned it to our support services, taking ownership of its open incidents and building its patch archive. 

After three months and based on its positive experience, they then asked us to take over the BAU support of its Oracle Databases from its existing support partner. 

Finally, we helped them with its migration project to Financialforce, continuing its Oracle Support contract to cover the new migration timeline and providing additional assistance with the technical issues impacting the project.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

They made a 50% saving on its annual support costs with Oracle. It also made the additional cost-saving of not having to make an unnecessary upgrade to a product that it was migrating away from. 

Not only that, but they used these savings and freed up resources to invest into its migration project and to pay for its new Financialforce system.

Freedom from forced upgrades

The organisation was able to maintain Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 for as long as it wished thanks to third-party support. 

This gave the organisation the time it needed to focus on its migration project, rather than work on an expensive and unnecessary Oracle upgrade to stay in support.

A solid support partnership

Unlike other support providers, Support Revolution isn’t a faceless support team; one of the key benefits for them was knowing it had a consultant for each incident raised, plus regular meetings with our team to monitor performance and review upcoming priorities. 

One representative said “…their quality and timeliness is second to none. They don’t just fix the problems we raise with them either; they proactively recommend changes based on their experience to avoid future issues.” 

It was their initial positive experience with us that prompted it to move all of its Oracle Support to our services after only three months.

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