How This Kitchen Retailer Stayed Supported on Oracle and Gained Added Value While It Transitioned to SAP

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This organisation has over 200 stores across the UK and employs thousands of expert kitchen designers to create beautiful kitchens.

The Problem

The organisation was moving from Oracle to SAP but was concerned that its Oracle systems would be unsupported during the transition

The organisation was running Oracle 11g Databases and Oracle Financials 11.5.10 but was told by Oracle that its version was about to become unsupported and that it had to upgrade. This was at a time when the organisation had made the strategic decision to move away from Oracle in favour of SAP. They, like many organisations, started with a plan to migrate its Oracle systems. It had planned it for years and constantly had the deadlines set by the vendors. 

While it has an internal team that could have supported its systems, they were needed to manage the transition to SAP. The Oracle estate had not been patched or upgraded for several years, so any Oracle upgrade would be a resource intensive process. 

It had to either undertake an expensive (and unnecessary) upgrade to stay in support with Oracle while it transitioned to SAP, or support Oracle in-house and potentially delay its transition project. Luckily, they had a third (party) option: Support Revolution.

The Solution

We supported their Oracle estate during the transition to SAP and provided managed services

Not many people realise that third-party support can be used to save money and internal resources while transitioning to another platform, even a Cloud solution that cannot be supported by a third party. 

We worked with them to understand its current Oracle setup and its transition timeline to SAP. 

We understood its need to stay supported on its existing products, but we also identified that freeing up its internal team to work on the SAP transition was more important than any potential cost savings. 

This is why we took over from Oracle Support, ensuring that they stayed supported for its entire Oracle estate, rather than just the latest versions. 

We could provide third-party support and Oracle managed services for the same price Oracle was charging just for its limited level of support; our services meant that its internal team could completely focus on the transition project, and not on maintaining old technology.

The Benefits

An extension to their support team

Their support team decided to work with us not only because we could maintain the current software version during their SAP transition, but because of our 22+ years of experience in the industry as an Oracle and  SAP partner.

This experience enabled us to form a solid partnership with their in-house team, providing real value and proactive solutions; not just break-fixing when asked.

No forced upgrades

The organisation was able to run its older Oracle software for as long as it wished while being supported by Support Revolution.

This saved a huge amount of time and money when compared to the costs of an (unnecessary) upgrade project for systems that will eventually be left redundant when the move to SAP is completed.

The freedom to choose what to invest in

The freedom to choose what to invest in Thanks to Support Revolution’s managed service offering, the organisation was able to reallocate its resources to prioritise its transition to SAP. 

Without third-party support, it would have had to use internal resources to either implement an expensive Oracle upgrade, or spend time maintaining its old systems. 

Instead, their team had the freedom to choose how they invested their time and money and were confident in our ability to support the old systems while they focused on the new. They could set their own deadlines and made huge cost savings in the process.

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