How This UK Organisation Process Services Provider Saved on Oracle Support and Avoided Unwanted Upgrades

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Operating across multiple countries, this organisation is a consulting, transformation, and digital services business. Driven by its core purpose – to create better outcomes for its employees, clients, suppliers, partners, investors, and society – the organisation is committed to delivering innovative solutions to transform and simplify connections between businesses and customers, governments and citizens.

The Problem

The organisation was fed up with  overspending on Oracle licences and unnecessary upgrades

The organisation was spending millions with Oracle across several of its units, and felt that it was overpaying for Oracle support and maintenance. In the current economic climate, the organisation wanted to streamline operating expenses and realised it was overspending (around £600,000) on unused software licences for one of its divisions. 

In addition to wanting to reduce its annual support bills, they felt trapped in the Oracle upgrade cycle and no longer wanted to continue paying out for and allocating resources to unwanted, and unnecessary upgrades. 

The organisation, therefore, wanted to move one of its units away from Oracle, but had not been able to find a support partner to help it navigate out of its current Oracle Support agreement.

The Solution

Support Revolution helped them make significant cost savings and avoid unwanted Oracle upgrades

Having struggled to find a support partner to help one of its units exit an existing vendor support agreement, they reached out to Support Revolution. We talked them through the process of leaving Oracle, as well as the technical differences between our support services and those provided by the vendor. Once Oracle confirmed that its “matching policy” did not apply and would not stop them leaving the vendor’s service, the organisation felt comfortable with the procedure and moved to Support Revolution. 

We have more than 20 years’ experience working as an Oracle partner and have the knowledge and expertise to support every version of Oracle’s products. This means we can support their current system (for the unit that has been moved to our third-party support services) for as long as the organisation opts out of the upgrade cycle. 

Most significantly, moving to third-party support has enabled them to save on unused software licences and drastically reduce its annual support costs, releasing a significant portion of IT budget back to the organisation. With so much uncertainty across global economies, they can safeguard its operations and focus on key development projects to maintain a stable market position and remain ahead of emerging market trends.

The Benefits

Freedom from forced upgrades

The organisation had determined that Oracle’s frequent upgrades were no longer aligned to the organisation’s goals and needs. Moving to third-party support enabled the organisation to break free of the relentless upgrade cycle and avoid this unnecessary and costly task. Now, they can remain compliant and secure with its existing Oracle products, without the pressure of any upcoming upgrades.

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

No longer overpaying for Oracle Support and software licences, the organisation has significantly reduced its annual support bills to generate fantastic cost savings and improve the ROI of its Oracle estate. Having reclaimed a large portion of its IT budget, they can reallocate these savings to pursue innovations and key development initiatives (or an upgrade it actually wants!) to propel the organisation forward.

A solid support partnership

A better service does not always have to come at a higher price point and making the move to third-party support has not seen them compromise on the quality of the support it receives. Our dedicated incident resolution process (which is underpinned by two SLAs; one for response times and the other for resolution times) ensures that all support tickets are handled efficiently and effectively. Not only does this mitigate ongoing critical issues, but the organisation can free up internal resources to focus on the development and implementation of key projects. 

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