Immediate and ongoing cost savings

Support Revolution provides Oracle and SAP software and database support and maintenance at half the price you would pay the vendor, delivering customers significant cost savings. Our customers also enjoy the freedom of avoiding forced upgrades, continuing on their stable versions, achieving even greater savings.

Unlike with vendor support, you can also select which products you choose to have supported and maintained by us, potentially saving you even more money.

Below is an example of the financial savings one long-standing customer is achieving by transferring their software support & maintenance services to Support Revolution.

Manufacturer cost (est.) Support Revolution cost
Total costs over 5 years £2 million £750K
Annual software support & maintenance cost £300K £150K
Upgrade costs (estimate) £500K Not required

All Support Revolution customers achieve a minimum 50% saving on the support fee they would have paid.
When additional upgrade savings are also considered, a typical Support Revolution customer can achieve savings in excess of 75% and some can save up to 90%.

Discover how much budget you could be saving on your Oracle or SAP support – contact us for a no obligation estimate of immediate and ongoing savings.