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The Cloud War

The lucrative market of the Cloud has enticed several mega-vendors in the software industry, and the competition is getting more and more heated.

In this guide, the question of who is winning (and who is most definitely losing) is analysed. We’ll take a look at the strategies that are being used on both sides, and why one particular strategy is winning. We’ll also break down why Cloud is so popular (and it ironically doesn’t have a lot to do with customer benefits).

What's in this guide?

Cloud plans

Cloud has become a popular platform, but there seems to be more in it for the mega-vendors than the actual customers. We'll discuss why that is and what is in it for the vendors.

Vendor Strategy

Oracle and SAP's strategies have worked for them in the past, but in a world of customer empowerment, it seems that coercive and ruthless tactics don't work as well anymore.

A wider impact

This guide will also discuss the new age strategies of some of the other big players in the market, why they're so successful and what is so different about them.

The Cloud War

We'll cover all of the little battles in the Cloud War but most importantly the customer-focused vs the profit-focused vendors.

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