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Support Revolution Collaborates with Leading US-Based Oracle-Focused Advisory Organisation

UPDATE: A recording of this webinar is now live on our YouTube channel. You can find the webinar there, alongside many other resources to help your organisation take back control of your Oracle roadmap.

Support Revolution CEO, Mark Smith will be joining Palisade Compliance CEO, Craig Guarente to discuss how you can better understand your Oracle contracts and explore how moving to third-party support is much easier than you might think.

Taking place on 23 January at 15.00 GMT, this live webinar invites CIOs and IT leaders to ask all their questions about their Oracle software: from confusing contract clauses and audit threats, to support ticket SLAs and system enhancements.

With decades of experience working with Oracle systems, both Mark and Craig are perfectly positioned to offer you unique insights you won’t get just anywhere.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how Palisade Compliance has helped companies understand and manage their Oracle contracts, and how those companies who moved to Support Revolution, reduced their support costs, and accelerated their Digital Transformation projects.

How to Escape the Oracle Support Trap

This isn’t the only webinar Support Revolution and Palisade Compliance have partnered together for.

Find out how your organisation can escape the Oracle software upgrade cycle and take back control of your Oracle roadmap below.

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