SAP ASE support

SAP ASE overview

SAP ASE is a relational database, formerly known as Sybase. Today, it works as a tool primarily designed to drive online transaction processing. It works on-premise and in the Cloud, processing vast amounts of data quickly. Products such as ECC6 can run on SAP ASE.

The history of SAP ASE

SAP ASE was originally called Sybase. In 1988, Sybase, Microsoft, and Ashton-Tate began developing SQL server. Ashton-Tate left the group and when the contract expired, Microsoft purchased licences for the source code, selling the software as Microsoft SQL Server. Sybase released its SQL server soon after, and the two databases are still very similar to this day.

To differentiate itself from Microsoft, Sybase renamed the database Adaptive Server Enterprise, before SAP acquired Sybase in 2010.

Common problems with SAP ASE

Back in its hay day, SAP ASE (then Sybase) was one of the biggest (if not the biggest) databases in the market. SAP purchased the organisation primarily to cut out a competitor that it was indirectly funding (a lot of customers were running SAP products on Sybase).

After the acquisition, funding seemed to fall by the wayside as SAP focused its attention on developing other products. Meanwhile, Oracle ploughed all of its funding in developing one of the best databases on the market, which crushed Sybase. Therefore, the biggest problem with SAP ASE is how outdated and behind the times it is compared to some of the other databases on the market, and some of SAP’s other products.

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