SAP Products

Support Revolution allows SAP customers to receive best-in-class software support and maintenance from a UK based team of experts regardless of the software versions they run and ensures every customer saves a minimum of 50% on support costs. We bring an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience to every customer, available on call 24/7.
With over 18 years of direct industry experience, Support Revolution is supporting SAP customers across a wide range of private and public sector organisations; saving each customer a minimum of 50% on support costs.
Our parent company is a SAP partner so we are able to supply additional licences at discounted rates should you need them.
We support the following SAP products:

SAP have announced that users will need to move to SAP HANA, as they will no longer be supporting their applications running on other databases. You have a few years to plan the transition yet, but why change when you don’t need to?
We don’t believe organisations should be forced to upgrade if it’s not right for the business. The transition can cost a considerable amount of budget, take additional resources and time to manage, and cause unnecessary business interruptions.
Support Revolution can continue to support SAP applications running on any database for as long as required. You’ll also notice a significant improvement in the level of service that you receive. Our UK-based  talented support teams are targeted on exceeding their SLAs. Detailed monthly service reports and regular onsite review meetings with your dedicated account manager ensure an excellent experience.

SAP Support Services

At Support Revolution, we understand how important it is for you to have software support and maintenance that you can rely on; and that you want to be able to see the progress of resolutions as they happen.
Our software support services are wide-reaching, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive support and maintenance services available.

ServicesSAPSupport Revolution
Service RequestsYesYes
Legal & Regulatory PatchesYesYes
24 x 7 SupportYesYes
Cloud ServicesYesYes
Security patchingQuarterlyImmediately
Support for CustomisationsYes
Support for Performance IssuesYes
Interface SupportYes
Monthly Service ReportsYes
Quarterly Account Management MeetingsYes
Service Level Agreement (SLA)Yes
Assigned Primary Support ContactYes

Immediate and ongoing SAP cost savings

Support Revolution provides SAP software support and maintenance at half the price you would pay the manufacturer.
Our customers also enjoy the freedom of avoiding forced upgrades, continuing on their stable version, achieving even greater savings.
Below is an example of the financial savings one long-standing customer is achieving by transferring their software support & maintenance services to Support Revolution.

 Manufacturer costSupport Revolution cost
Upgrade costs (estimate)£500KNot required
Total costs over 5 years£2 million£750K
Annual software support & maintenance cost£300K£150K

All Support Revolution customers achieve a minimum 50% saving on the support fee they would have paid.
When additional upgrade savings are also considered, a typical Support Revolution customer achieves savings in excess of 75% and some save 90% or more.

Discover how much budget you could be saving on your SAP Support – contact us for a no obligation estimate of immediate and ongoing savings.