How have organisations altered their IT roadmaps?

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on organisations across all kinds of industries. It has caused many of them to revisit their IT roadmaps and reorder their priorities. Victoria Molloy, the CCO of Support Revolution, discusses these shifts in the first episode of our ‘Third-Party Thursdays’ video series.

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Many organisations have considered the benefits third-party support can provide. They have scheduled a switch into their IT roadmaps at a distant point in the future. In line with their business objectives, they have prioritised other, bigger IT projects ahead of this switch.

However, the global pandemic has since disrupted all strategies. Now, transitioning to third-party support has been brought forward in IT roadmaps. Organisations need to prioritise cost-cutting initiatives, saving jobs wherever possible, and enduring these difficult times.

Having spoken to many organisations, we are aware of two perceived risks of third-party support:

  • Falling out with the vendor
  • Potentially missing out on upgrades

While your vendor may not be particularly pleased about losing a customer, you need to prioritise what’s important to your organisation, not your vendor. You need to do what is necessary for your survival during this time. Also, by switching to third-party support, you can still keep the option of migrating to the Cloud open.

As for upgrades, you should consider the value (if any) upgrading will provide. Compare this to the savings you can easily achieve with third-party support.

What are your ERP upgrade options?

We can help you understand your IT roadmap options, and save money while not compromising your strategy.

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