Guide: Why Oracle neglects support quality


Oracle has been losing ground in the on-premise database market. Since 2019, it has fallen from 1st to 3rd for overall database revenue. They are now lagging behind both Microsoft and Amazon respectively.  

In this guide, we take a look at why this along with other factors has led to a decline in support quality from the mega vendor. We’ll cover why Oracle has chosen to let its support quality go through free fall and the statistics behind these reasons

What's in this guide?

Cloudy Revenue

Over the last 5 years Oracle's revenue reporting has undergone an interesting restructure that could be hiding telling truths about their support numbers.

Support Quality

Oracle support customers have long been unhappy about the cost and quality of its support, and the vendor is trying to plug the gaps with equally sub-par and costly solutions.

The safe bet

The saying "Nobody ever got fired for buying..." is out of date. So why do we still cling to the delusion of mega-vendor safety?

Third-Party Difference

Compare the support quality of Oracle to what Support Revolution can offer.

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